Initiation in School

District-level Advisory Committee will draw up a priority list of schools, who have expressed an interest to commence SPC units. These schools must satisfy criteria laid down for inclusion in the programme, and be willing to support SPC project implementation. DNOs will verify the availability of training facilities in such schools. Final priority list of schools from each District will be submitted to State Advisory Committee, for final screening and approval.

Following are the steps to be taken to initiate SPC program in a school

• Constitution and convening of School-Level Advisory Committee

• Identification of Community Police Officers& Drill Instructors

• Identifying space for SPC school learning centre (which will also act as SPC Office)

• Convening of PTA meeting to present what, why, how of SPC

• Workshop for entire teaching/non-teaching staff to explain the what, why and how of SPC

• Identifying financial resources

• Selection of cadets

• Formation of Guardian SPC (SPC-PTA)

• School level launching


• Must be either Government or Government-aided school, with minimum student strength of 500

• Must have an active and supportive Parent Teacher Association

• Must have two willing teachers to serve as Community Police Officers, with at least one must be a lady teacher

• Must have access to a ground and facilities adequate for providing physical training for cadets

• Must be a special office for the SPC project, with separate changing rooms for boy cadets and girl cadets.

• Must provide school facilities for CPOs and ACPOs to organize and participate in SPC-related programmes.